Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Victoria Lyme Support Group Agenda for June 24, 2012

1. Name introductions. Welcome message. (10 min)

Updates (20 min)

2. Help Fill A Dream (HFAD) www.helpfilladream.com/ is an immediately responsive charitable foundation based in Victoria, British Columbia. (Dave)

3. BC Lyme Clinic. (Dave)

4. Elizabeth May bill. Nicole and Chris’s presentation. (Dave)

5. Webpage for our Support Group. http://victorialymegroup.blogspot.ca/ (Lisa R)

6. Dr. David Patrick’s research study for the BC CDC. (Liisa J.)

Discussion (60 min)

7. Informal Discussion (information sharing, support, orientation for newcomers, questions, ideas for upcoming meetings)
8. Lyme Support Library. Should we start our own Library of informative books? Any donations of books, or suggestions of books to purchase?
For example:
No such thing as Chronic Lyme disease? Medical professionals may be interested in the new book, "Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease: Fifty-One Case Reports and Essays in Their Regard." Written by Founding member and Fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, you may remember Dr. Burton Waisbren and his article, "The Emperor’ s New Clothes, Chronic Lyme Disease, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America", which you may read on Waisbren Clinic's website. Here's a link to the new book, also available for Kindle.
There is wholesale pricing on this book if people are interested in us doing a bulk order to give copies to your GP…

9. Dr. Murakami’s reasons for optimism in the medical community:
Ernie Murakami, June 3, 2012, Some reasons for optimism with the " Medical Divide "

The majority of medical doctors are still adamant about the Lyme situation and fearful to treat but there are things happening slowly but gradually:
The Brian Schmidt reportPeer reviewed animal studiesDr Pat McGeer’s post mortem report culturing of live spirochetesmany of the Naturopathic Physicians are on board in Canada with prescription priveleges in B.C. and hopefully soon in other provinces.The Manitoba Government recently had a Lyme disease Symposium with equal representation of LLMDs and non-LLMDs and I know some non-believers are opening their minds about chronic Lyme disease being an infection. This may have been the first meeting with equal representation from both sides of the Medical divide.There are 7 American States with laws protecting LLMDs from harrassment, investigations and suspension of licences with some States the doctors have voluntarily shelved the IDSA guidelines.In England one of my LLMD associates had a court case dropped due to inadequate evidence by the non Literate complainers.John Scott has done extensive studies of migratory birds carrying ticks which are spreading vector borne diseases on a continuous daily basis in North America.The Boucher Institute has and will continue with my teaching about Lyme disease to the graduating students on an annual basis.
10. In the news: The provincial government routinely fails its legal duty to promptly inform citizens of risks to public health and safety, warn legal scholars at the University of Victoria. Includes Lyme disease.

11. Lyme Disease Association of BC, LDABC has been formed by a Lyme sufferer in Vancouver.
Show newsletter.

12. . Dr. Garth Nicolson’s views on Mycoplasma infection:

13. Fermented Foods:
This 6 part New Zealand youtube series is full of wonderful information about probiotics and fermented foods, and how to easily make your own in your own kitchen for pennies!

14. Oil of Oregano. http://curingherbs.com/wild_oregano_oil.htm
Has anyone tried this form of natural antibiotic?
Facebook comments:
Chris- great for sore throats and dental spirochetes
Sheri- Great for removing yeast off tongue too.
Cathy- Have a bottle and did the Massage into shoulders for my tendonitis and the scar and big toe where I had a bunion removed in 2004, (toes been feeling broken for weeks) & OMG...pain is virtually 90% gone!!!! So anyone with joint pain, this really does provide relief!!!

15. Next meeting: July 22, 2012 6:00-8:00pm Four Mile Pub Tea Room