Monday, July 28, 2014

Recent Lyme News


Scientist Finds Link Between Antibiotics, Bacterial Biofilms, and Chronic Infections  (Phys Org)  (original article from PLOS ONE below)

Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Stimulate Biofilm Formation in Non-Typeable Haemophilus Influenzae by Up-Regulating Carbohydrate Metabolism  (PLOS ONE)

New Insight in the Mechanism of Accumulation and Intraerythrocytic Compartmentation of Albitiazolium - a New Type of Antimalarial  (Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy)

Bartonellosis:  One Health Perspectives for an Emerging Infectious Disease  (ILAR Journal)

Divergent Opinions of Proper Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Implications for Children Co-morbid with Autism Spectrum Disorder  (Medical Hypotheses)

Determination of Babesia microti Seroprevalence in Blood Donor Populations using an Investigational Enzyme Immunoassay (TransfusioN);jsessionid=310A34FA6545D1266D5CC8233A433C9E.f02t01

Lyme Disease Testing by Large Commercial Laboratories in the United States  (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

Identification of Novel Activity Against Borrelia burgdorferi Persisters Using an FDA Approved Drug Library  (Emerging Microbes and Infections)

Lyme Disease-induced Polyradiculopathy Mimicking Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)  (


CDC Debunked!  (What is Lyme Disease)

Resurrecting the LYMErix 'Yuppie Vaccine'   (Nature Medicine)

Gripping Speech by Husband of Lyme Disease Victim - Strong Condemnation of Canadian Health Care (  YouTube Video - from Lyme Awareness Event in Sechelt, BC in June 2014)

Soldier with Lyme Disease Fights Canadian Forces (Sun News)

New Law Aims to Fight Tick-borne Diseases  (

Will Governor Cuomo Sign or Veto NY Lyme Bill?  (

IDSA Says Yes, Then No, to Lyme Protesters' Request (

LYMEPOLICYWONK: The bogus grassroots of the American Lyme Disease Foundation (

LYMEPOLICYWONK: The IDSA Says Chronic Lyme Disease Is No More than the Aches and Pains of Daily Living. Is this True?  (

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Patient-Powered Research and Lyme Disease  (


Seven Reasons Why Disabled Canadians are Losing CPP Benefits (Globe and Mail)

and a previous article:

Lyme Disease in Horses:  More Questions than Answers (The Horse)

Tick Experiment That'll Blow Your Mind  (North American Hunter)

TOUCHED BY LYME: Jesse Colin Young “got brain back” after Lyme treatment (

Lyme Disease in Alberta (Video - Alberta Primetime)
Beating Lyme Disease  (Experience Life)

When Not Feeling Like Yourself Can be Life-threatening  (Cosmopolitan)

Ticked Off:  The Mystery of Lyme Disease - Dr Eric Chan (The Nature of Things) (Not new but it hasn't been posted before)

Health:  A Growing Problem in our Area Leaves Man Trapped in Own Body (Video - CBS Philadelphia)

How a Rock Musician Inspired One Family Dealing with Lyme Disease (Huffington Post)

Tick Bite Leads to Food Allergy for Durham Woman  (

A cute cartoon because sometimes we need to laugh (Lyme Disease Association of Alberta)


TOUCHED BY LYME: Managing chronic Lyme? There’s an app for that…. (

Mycoplasma (Stop the Lyme Lies)
Bartonella (Stop the Lyme Lies)

Recall Issued for 5 Prescription Drugs in Canada  (MSN Canada News)

Chronic Lyme Disease:  What you Need to Know (Dr Richard Horowitz on the Today Show)

Mycoplasma and Lyme Cases that Don't Resolve (Audio - Dr Wayne Anderson, ND)

A Beginner's Guide to Lyme Disease (The Nature of Things - CBC)

2013 ILADS San Diego Lyme Disease Conference CD


July 27:  Support group meeting in Victoria, 1 to 4 pm; Presentation by Emma Wilson-Pease, graduate student, on her Lyme research at 1 pm, meeting to follow at 2 pm.  1454 Hillside Avenue 

September 13:  Overview of the Fundamentals of Diagnosis & Treatment of Lyme Disease and Co-infections with an Emphasis on Neuropsychiatric Issues (ILADS half-day course for physicians at Monmouth University, NJ)

October 10-12:  ILADS 15th Annual Scientific Conference: Neurological Spectrum (Washington DC)