Thursday, March 1, 2012

Victoria Lyme Support Group Agenda for March 18, 2012

  1. Name introductions. Dave and Liisa’s roles defined in the Group.
Dave – Leader of Fighting Force, what’s happening on the political front.
Liisa – Health Support, organizational duties, meeting chairperson

  1. Define Group’s Focus. Treatment options, supplements, what is happening in our community for awareness and politically.
  1. Update on Donations/Monies and Tax Receipts and CanLyme role.
Printout from Dave and his communication with Janet Sperling from CanLyme.
  1. Update on BC Clinic from Dave – March 5 Director choosing meeting?

  1. Update on Awareness for Group Support Meetings? Ideas for campaigning/advertising our group. CanLyme – update from Lisa on this.
    Usedvictoria, Craigslist, LLND’s
  1. Update on Webpage for our Support Group.
  1. In the News: Daryl Hall Healthline Interview article about Iceman’s DNA
Our own local celebrity – Nicole Bottles article in Sooke Mirror
Gwen Barlee in the Vancouver Sun

  1. LLND – Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor’s in Victoria:
Dr. Jasmine Wong (on maternity leave until June 2012) Dr. Hitkari covering for her.
Royal Oak Shopping Centre on W. Saanich Road.

Dr. Neil McKinney (Mackenzie/Shelbourne) Dr. Bryn Bentham (IV doctor)

Go over pricing for above doctors.
Would we like to have one of these come to give an honorarium lecture at one of our meetings?

9. Probiotics – Kefir, VSL3

  1. Handout: Interesting points from Dr. Burrascano’s slide show from ILADS conference. (Required Supportive Measures)
  1. Next meeting: April 15, 2012 6:00-8:00pm Four Mile Pub Tea Room
Which co-infection and corresponding treatment would people like discussed?
We will also be talking about Disability programs.

  1. Informal Discussion