Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marshall protocol presentation follow up

On Sunday, January 27, we had an interesting and informative presentation on the Marshall Protocol.   Those who attended were reminded on several occasions that the MP is a controversial treatment.  As we always say at our meetings, it is each individual's  responsibility to research each and every new treatment, drug, supplement or diet so that they can make an informed decision.  We always recommend strongly that we check with our physicians before making any changes to our treatment protocol.  Our support group does not promote any protocol over any others.  We respect that we need  to make our own choices based on our thorough and balanced research.  The group must always share information on treatments in a fair, transparent and unbiased way, so for that reason we are including some reference material that discuses the controversy about the Marshall Protocol, and some others about Vitamin D.  Please take the time to read them fully as part of your own 'due diligence'.  Links to additional articles, both pro and con, are available upon request (email and will be posted here as well.

Marshall Protocol Controversy:
Dr. Mercola
Dr. Klinghardt
Dr. Cannell 

Here are a few articles about the value of Vitamin D in fighting infections, helping to prevent cancer, and being beneficial in MS (which some believe in many cases could actually be Lyme disease):

Infection and Vitamin D

MS and Vitamin D

Antimicrobial properties and Vitamin D

Cancer and Vitamin D

That's a lot to read!  In addition, to help you understand the role of Vitamin D in our bodies, here is a link to information from Wikipedia: 

Several of you asked at the presentation for links to information about the Marshall Protocol and to a couple of journal articles about Vitamin D that were mentioned, so to be fair and balanced, please see the following:

We encourage everyone to investigate all aspects of their healthcare thoroughly and make informed decisions .