Sunday, June 15, 2014

Recent Lyme news, stories and information

Babesia spp. in European wild ruminant species:  parasite diversity and risk factors for infection (Veterinary Research)

Broad-Spectrum Anti-biofilm Peptide that Targets a Cellular Stress  (Robert E.W.Hancock, UBC, in PLOS)

Also, see article about this promising biofilm research:

Acute Visual Loss:  Just the Beginning?  (Survey of Opthamology)

Inflammatory Disease and the Human Microbiome  (Amy Proal and Trevor Marshall, Discovery Medicine)

A study on the association between infectious burden and Alzheimer's Disease (European Journal of Neurology);jsessionid=BFF8E0E5EE5180505E64BFD479107713.f03t01

Cloud-compatible bioinformatics pipeline for ultrarapid pathogen identification (Genome Research)

Vancouver's Beleaguered Chronic Disease Clinic Loses Third Doctor
Parliament Backs Green Party leader May's Bill on Lyme Disease (Times Colonist)

Elizabeth May's Act to Create a Federal Framework for Lyme Disease Passes House of Commons

Editorial:  Lyme Disease Needs Research (Times Colonist)
Listen to testimony of the Public Health Agency of Canada as they speak to the federal government of Canada's Health Committee on Bill C-442 (CanLyme)

Lyme Disease - the Ongoing Battle (CTV News, Calgary)

Doctors Find Link Between Lyme Disease and Autism (Fox News)

Dr Susan Marra on Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease  (Video)

Oklahoma State Health Department Confirms First Case and Death of Heartland Virus
You're Putting on Your Bug Spray All Wrong (Huffington Post)
Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases (Webcast by Dr Richard Horowitz)
Tick Season in Manitoba: causes death (CBC News Manitoba) 
Boy's Mysterious Infection Cured After DNA Sequencing  (NBC News)

Lyme ESSENTIALS, New source for Lyme supplements in Canada:

Detox Basics Video by Dr Marty Ross

Video re: Upcoming Book by Dr Lee Cowden and Connie Strasheim, Foods that Fit a Unique You

June 22nd :  Lyme Disease Awareness Forum in Sechelt (Coast Reporter)

June 23rd:  Live Webcast by Author Vanessa Farnsworth 
June 25th:  Dr Leo Galland - Free Webinar, Battling Lyme:  A Survival Guide