Monday, June 2, 2014

Recent Lyme news, stories, and information

1.  Lyme Disease advocate calls for stronger treatment (CBC)
2.  Tackling Lyme Disease - Elizabeth May and Nicole Bottle on Power & Politics (CBC)
3.  Tick-Borne Disease Alliance and Lyme Research Alliance Merger
4.  Vets Tracking Lyme Disease Longer than Health Officials (CBC)
5.  Amber discovery indicates Lyme older than human race  (Science Daily)
6.  BC Health Minister Terry Lake won't intervene in Allison Bested controversy at Complex Chronic Disease Program (Vancouver Sun)
7.  Man dies from tick bite (Korea Times)
8.  Peter von Tiesenhausen's collection of Lyme videos
9.  Study on cost of expanded Lyme Disease treatment released (
12.  Dr Horowitz shares healthy wisdom in free Thyroid Summit (see links in article to view schedule of presenters and to sign up - Runs from June 2nd to June 9th)
13.  Chronic disease expert at pioneer BC Women's clinic leaves abruptly  (Vancouver Sun)
14.  "From a Mile Away", a song by George Goodman, whose teenage daughter has Lyme.  He sang this song at the recent Parksville Lyme awareness event and you can preview or purchase it for $.99 here.  His youngest daughter, who is only 10, is currently being tested for Lyme as well.
15.  Global Search for Education:  Ticks - Research We Need (from the recent Norvect Lyme conference in Oslo Norway) 
16. " Lyme Disease:  A Silent Epidemic" (Video made in France - in English)

17.  If your GP or specialist says that Lyme doesn't persist after antibiotic treatment, print off this 18 page list of 77 peer-reviewed articles showing that Borrelia burgdorferi persists and therefore, that chronic Lyme exists.  Click on Persistence File.
18.  Over 300 articles about the persistence of Lyme disease, compiled by researcher John Scott.
20.  Dr Raj Bhardwaj on Lyme Disease (CBC Radio interview)