Thursday, October 2, 2014

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  1. Blood Transfusion Transmission of the Tick-borne Relapsing Fever Spirochete Borrelia miyamotoi in Mice  (Wiley Online Library/TransfusioN);jsessionid=1792E038B8E13779B1282D749D549FA0.f02t01
  2. Tick Bite Prophylaxis:  Results from a 2012 Survey of Healthcare Providers  (Wiley Online Library/Zoonoses and Public Health);jsessionid=E42492E68710B5F0317C4598B2591FA3.f02t04
  3. Chronic Lyme Borreliosis at the Root of Multiple Sclerosis - is a Cure with Antibiotics Attainable?  (PubMed)
  4. New Insights into Stages of Lyme Disease Symptoms from a Novel Hospital-Based Registry  (Journal of Primary Care & Community Health)
  5. Blood-cleansing Device Developed for Sepsis Therapy  (Wyss Institute, Harvard)
  6. Bartonnella sp. Bacteremia in Patients with Neurological and Neurocognitive Dysfunction  (Journal of Clinical Microbiology)
  7. Relapsing Fever Group Borrelia in Southern California Rodents  (Journal of Medical Entomology)
  1. Canada's Bill C-442, An Act respecting a Federal Framework on Lyme Disease Passes 2nd Reading in the Senate (CanLyme)
  2. Dr Daniel Cameron on his recent meeting with Canadian physicians and Lyme advocates
  3. Mothers May Pass Lyme Disease to Children in the Womb  (Daily Climate/Scientific American)
  4. Obama Plan to Fight Antibiotic Resistance May Limit Treatment for Lyme Disease (Dr. Daniel Cameron)
  5. Lyme Disease Surges North, and Canada Moves Out of Denial  (Daily Climate/Scientific American)
  6. Lyme Activists Target IDSA's IDWeek Conference  (Web Wire)
  7. Lyme Patients to Hold Candlelight Vigil to Commemorate Lives Lost  (Web Wire)
  8. LYMEPOLICYWONK:  Persistence Personified in Lyme Disease - Those Pesky Human Cases  (
  9. TOUCHED BY LYME:  Washington Post Writer's Question about Lyme Disease  (
  10. See link in this response to read the original article in the Washington Post.
  11. Predator Doctors Take Advantage of Patients with 'Chronic Lyme' Scam  (The Daily Beast)
  12. Summary of New York Times Protest, in Words and Photos  (

  1. Top Doc:  Dr Gregory Taylor Named Canada's New Chief Medical Officer  (Vancouver Sun)
  2. TOUCHED BY LYME:  When Family Members Don't Believe You Have Lyme  (
  3. The Move to "Active Surveillance" in the Fight Against Lyme Disease  (BC Global)
  4. Lyme Research Alliance Awards Nearly $600,000 in New Grants  (PR Web)
  5. New Yorkers Call Lyme Disease the New Plague  (Truthout)
  6. Onaway Man Almost Dies from Allergic Reaction  (
  7. Tick-Borne Disease on the Rise, Thanks to Global Warming  (Daily Climate/Scientific American)
  8. Has Climate Change Made Lyme Disease Worse? (Daily Climate/Scientific American)
  9. LYMEPOLICYWONK:  Ticks Transmit a World of Disease and Co-infections into the Lives of Lyme Patients  (
  10. Her Day was Getting Up, Eating if She Could, then Crawling back to Bed  (Daily Climate)
  11. Paterson Back to Race Against XTERRA US Champs  (Triathlete eu)
  12. Small, Fast and Crowded:  Mammal Traits Amplify Tick-Borne Illness  (Science Daily)
  13. VIDEO:  The Disease Victims are Fighting Have Acknowledged (Current Affair, MSN, Australia)
  14. YOUTUBE:  Lyme Disease?  Bah!  The Very Idea!

  1. WEBINAR:  Dr Marty Ross' free webinars are back after a summer break.
  2. NEW BOOK:  Gifted and Sick:  Life at the Intersection of High Ability and Neuroimmune Disease  (A.M. Runyan)
  3. How These Five Strategies Help Your Tendons and Joints to Heal from Ciprofloxacin Damage  (Greg Lee)
  4. (Not new but useful)  Comparison Chart of Lyme Disease and Co-infections Symptoms
  5. The Glass Ball Foundation
  6. Dr Marcus Ettinger's Biofilm Protocol for Lyme and Gut Pathogens (
  7. Information About the Role of Mold Toxins in Chronic Neuroimmune Disease (Paradigm Change)
  8. Plaquenil Risk Calculator  (Eye Dock)
  9. Four Herbs for Busting Bartonella  (Greg Lee)
  10. Dr Sam Donta's Published Protocol on Lyme Disease  (Kaiser Papers)
  11. Living with Chronic Illnesses  (Holistic Help)
  12. FOR TEENS:  Dealing with a Health Condition  (Kids Health)
  13. Exercise for Lyme Disease  (Dr Raj Patel)


October 4:  Lyme Info table at Cabela's in Nanaimo, 12 noon to 3 pm

October 6-13:  Free online seminar:  Natural Cures Summit

Note:  CanLyme is offering grants for first time attending physicians to attend this ILADS course.   Contact Jim Wilson:

October 10-12:  ILADS 15th Annual Scientific Conference:  Neurological Spectrum (Washington DC)

October 11:  Parksville Lyme Support Group Meeting, at the Parksville Pharmasave at 1:30 p.m.

October 12:  Victoria Informal Gathering at Bubbie's Kitchen, 355 Cook Street, Victoria 1 - 3 p.m.

October 26:  Victoria Lyme Support Group Meeting, 1454 Hillside Avenue, 1 - 4 p.m. Presentation at 1 p.m. by Dr Barbara Dyble and Stephen Davis of Valentus Clinics on their recent trials with 14 Lyme patients.

February 6-7, 2015:  The Fundamentals of Diagnosing and Treating Tick-Borne Illness (ILADS course for physicians in Banff, Alberta)
Note:  CanLyme is offering grants for first time attending physicians to attend this ILADS course.   Contact Jim Wilson: