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A Unique Case of Adolescent Neuroborreliosis Presenting with Multiple Cranial Neuritis and Cochlear Inflammation on Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (Pediatric Neurology)

American Neuroborreliosis Presenting as Cranial Polyneuritis and Radiculoneuritis

Babesiosis in Pregnancy
  (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

B-93 The Neuropsycological Sequelae of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus in Childhood
  (Oxford Journals, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology)

Efficacy and Safety of Pharmacological Treatments for Neuroborreliosis - Protocol for a Systematic Review  (Systematic Reviews Journal)

and the original journal article:  

Recovery from an Acute Infection in C. elegans Requires the GATA Transcription Factor ELT-1  (PLOS Genetics)

Life History and Demographic Drivers of Reservoir Competence for Three Tick-Borne Zoonotic Pathogens (PLOS One)  

Lyme Disease, Virginia, USA, 2000-2011 (CDC, Emerging Infectious Diseases)

Macrophage is the Determinant of Resistance to and Outcome of Non-lethal Babesia microti Infection in Mice  (American Society for Microbiology, Infection and Immunity)

Persistent Lyme Empiric Antibiotic Study (PLEASE)  (
Infectious Diseases)
Prevalence of Borrelia miyamotoi in Ixodes Ticks in Europe and the United States  (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

Prevalence of Five Tick-borne Bacterial Genera in Adult Ixodes scapularis Removed from White-tailed Deer in Western Tennessee
  (Parasites and Vectors)

Stroke-like Phenomena Revealing Multifocal Cerebral Vasculitis in Pediatric Lyme Neuroborreliosis  (Journal of Child Neurology)

Study Finds Brain Abnormalities in Chronic Fatigue Patients 
 (Standford Medicine)

Tick Protein does the Trick to Fight Infection  (Yale News)
and the original journal article:

Lyme Sufferers Strugglefor Diagnosis, Treatment

LYMEPOLICYWONK:  FDA Proposed Regulation of Lyme Tests?  Take the Survey!  (

Where is the FDA Test for Relapsing Fever Spirochete, Borrelia Miyamotoi?  
(Daniel Cameron, MD)
Why is the CDC Trying to Block an Accurate Lyme Disease Test?  (Naked Capitalism)


Eliminate Electromagnetic Pollution to Eliminate Disease 
(Connie Strasheim, Public Health Alert)

Halloween Party Hosted for Help with Lyme Disease  
Healing Fearlessly  (Public Health Alert)

Immune System Disruption  
(Kris Newby, Stanford Medicine)

Lyme Disease, 'The Great Imitator'  
(Connection Newspapers)

Lyme Disease Researcher Looks to Support Groups for Information  (Global News)

Lyme Study Highlights Why Small Mammals Spread Disease  
(Poughkeepsie Journal)  
Mum's Life Left in Ruins by a TICK after She Contracted Lyme Disease When out Walking  (Mirror)
Nashville Jury Awards $5M in Death from Tick Infection  (Digital Journal)

VIDEO:  Dr Bach Reveals True Dangers of Lyme Disease 
(Dr Bach is the Education Chair, Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Health’s Tick and Lyme Disease Task Force)  (The People's Chronicles)

VIDEO:  Dr Charles Ray Jones at ILADEF Pioneer Award Gala

Woman Left with Paralysed Face After Tick Bite in Her Own Garden  

Clearing Emotional Contributors to Illness  (

Core Protocols for Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Candida  (Buhner Healing Lyme)

Detoxification:  The Necessary Key to Healing  (Healthy Holistic Living)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the CD-57 Test but were Too Sick to Ask  (Public Health Alert)

Mold and Mycotoxins:  Often Overlooked in Chronic Lyme Disease)  
(Scott Forsgren with Neil Nathan MD and Wayne Anderson ND in Public Health Alert)

NEW BOOK:  Combating Biofilms  (James Schaller, MD)

NEW BOOK:  Natural Treatments for Lyme Disease Co-infections - Anaplasma, Babesia, and Ehrlichia  
(Stephen Buhner)

VIDEO:  Dr Alan MacDonald:  Diverse Morphologies  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Dr Alan MacDonald:  Human Borrelia Deaths, Autopsy studies, and Chronic Morbidities  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Dr Arman Schwarzbach:  Diagnostic Tools for Lyme and Co-infections
   (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Dr David Jowdy, Hansa Center:  Circuit Healing

VIDEO:  Dr Dietrich Klinghardt:  The Five Levels of Health, Treatment of Lyme Induced Symptoms in Autism

VIDEO:  Dr Edward Breitschwerdt on Bartonellosis
  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Dr Joseph Burrascano Jr:  History, Clinical Presentations, Testing and Diagnosis  
(NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Dr Joseph Burrascano Jr:  Lyme Borreliosis: Treatment and Case Histories  
(NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Dr Richard Horowitz on Babesiosis  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Prof Ashild Andreassen from ScandTick on Regional Cooperation against Tick-Borne Diseases  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Prof Christian Perronne 
on the Gap between Current Diagnostic Tests for Lyme Disease and Associated Diseases and the Diversity of Pathogens Isolated in the World  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Prof Eva Sapi on Biofilms
  (NorVect 2014)

VIDEO:  Prof Randi Eikeland on European Neuroborreliosis  (NorVect 2014)


November 8:  Lyme Info table at Cabela's in Nanaimo, 12 noon to 3 p.m.
November 8:  Parksville Lyme Support Group Meeting, 1:30 p.m.  In the meeting room next to Pharmasave  
November 9:  Victoria Informal Meeting - coffee and conversation1 - 3 p.m.  "Victoria Public Market at the Hudson", #6 - 1701 Douglas Street, Victoria (the old Hudson's Bay store) 
November 13:  Lyme Disease Awareness Forum  
Vancouver Lyme Awareness is presenting an evening with Gwen Barlee, Policy Director for the Wilderness Committee in Vancouver and a Lyme Disease Advocate, Dr. Liz Zubek, a MD who worked at the Chronic Complex Disease Program from 2013 to 2014 in Vancouver assessing Lyme patients and advocating for better testing and treatment and Dr. Boutet, ND, who focuses on treating chronic illnesses including Lyme Disease and co-infections. Discussion will include Lyme Awareness in BC, prevention, proper tick removal technique, symptoms, treatment and more. Public Q and A will follow. Thursday, November 13th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Event Location: Creekside Community Center, (False Creek), 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver. Room MP4. Free Admission.

November 15:
  Learn About Lyme Disease!  1 pm, showing of Emergence documentary begins at 1:30 pm,  Errington Memorial Hall, 1390 Errington Road
January 24-25:  Lyme Info Table at Victoria Health Show, Pearke's Arena, Saanich

February 6-7, 2015:
  The Fundamentals of Diagnosing and Treating Tick-Borne Illness (ILADS course for physicians in Banff, Alberta)
Note:  CanLyme is offering grants for first time attending physicians to attend this ILADS course.   Contact Jim Wilson: