Thursday, December 18, 2014

Roundup of the latest research, news, politics, reports, and resources

We are thrilled to report that on Friday, December 12th, the Senate unanimously passed Bill C-442 (An Act Respecting a National Framework for Lyme Disease).  It's now awaiting Royal Assent, a formality, and will then be law.  This is a huge step and a great deal of thanks is owed to Elizabeth May, Jim Wilson, Chris Powell and Nicole Bottles, the Senators and all of the supportive MPs, as well as those Lyme patients and family members who collected petition signatures and wrote to or visited their MPs and Senators and other agencies such as the CMA.  See links under the LYME POLITICS heading for more info, and RESOURCES to read the Bill.  

Fasting for Three Days can Regenerate Entire Immune System, Study Finds (Telegraph)  (Sorry, the abstract from wasn't available)

and here's another article on this study, from the University of Southern California Assessment of Fibromyalgia in Patients with Culture-confirmed Lyme 
(Gary P. Wormser, Arthritis & Rheumatology);jsessionid=92EB4FF7BA34BC8B5CD67739D0F60B32.f03t04

Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Tick Borne Disease Cases among Humans and Canines in Illinois (2000-2009) (Environmental Health Insights)
Relevance of Chronic Lyme Disease to Family Medicine as a Complex Multidimensional Chronic Disease Construct: A Systematic Review
 (International Journal of Family Medicine)


AUDIO:  Pseudo-science in the House? Scientists Challenge a Bill on Lyme Disease (CBC Radio) Click on "Listen"

AUDIO:  Dr Marc Oulette, CIHR, Dr Stephen Sternthal, PHAC, Dr Robbin Lindsay, NML (Dec 10, 2014)

Elizabeth May's Lyme Disease Bill Passes Senate in Green Party First  
(Huffington Post)

Infectious Disease Experts Question Lyme Disease Bill before Senate (Vancouver Sun)

It's Chronic Fatigue, Not Lyme, Infectious Disease Doc Tells Senators
 (Daniel Cameron,MD)

Jailed for Lyme Disease. Really? Really.   (Huffington Post)

LETTERS:  Replies to "Lyme Law Uses 'Junk Science' says Expert"
 (Canadian Medical Association Journal)  Read replies from Jim Wilson and Dr Elizabeth Zubek.

LYMEPOLICYWONK: responds to Slate's "Lyme-Illiterate" article  

No Concern about Why the Patient is Sick, Just that it is Not Allowed to be Lyme Disease (

Senate Unanimously Passes Elizabeth May's Federal Framework on Lyme Disease Act  (Green Party of Canada)

VIDEO:  Senate Committee Hearings (Dec 3, 2014) Elizabeth May, MP  (begins after intro’s) Jim Wilson, CanLyme  (starts at 56:18 on time-bar) Dr. William Bowie, AMMI,  (starts at 1:03:55 on time-bar)

VIDEO:  Wayne Gates (MP, Niagara Falls) on Lyme Disease (Nov 17, 2014)  


Apheresis:  A Synergistic Detoxification Strategy (
AUDIO:  Public Health Agency of Canada on Lyme 101 (three interviews of Drs Ogden and Lindsay on February 19, 2014)  (CHNET Works)

Kentucky Hiker to Tackle Pacific Crest Trail to Benefit Lyme Disease Research
 (Lexington-Herald Leader)
Lyme Disease and TMJ Misdiagnosis (

Lyme Disease Digging in as Maine Mounts Fight Against It
 (Portland Press Herald)
Medicine Messes up your Methylation (Suzy Cohen, RPh)

Nine Research Areas that Need to be Applied to or Expanded in the Study of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities  
(Laurie Dennison Busby, BEd, Townsend Letter)

The Cost of Living with Lyme Disease

VIDEO:  Lyme Disease with Olympic Skier Angeli Vanlaanen (Hallmark Channel)
Vitamins make you Feel Sicker?  You Might have Methylation Problems (David Jernigan, MD, Hansa Center)

What Control do You Have Over Your Health?
  (Dr David Jernigan, Hansa Center)

Bill C-442:  An Act Respecting a Federal Framework for Lyme Disease (Parliament of Canada)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT):  Tapping into Empowerment
 (Wake Up World)
Injection Therapies for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia  (Paul S Andersen, NMD, Townsend Letter)

TOUCHED BY LYME:  Helping Chronically Ill Kids Dig Deep for Healing  (Digging Deep:  A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges)

VIDEO:  Healing from the Inside Out - Tapping with Brad Yates

WEBINARS:  Conversations with Marty Ross, MD
December 10, 2014:

*Please note that the Victoria Group's January meeting date has changed due to the Victoria Health Show.

January 18:  Victoria Lyme Support Group Meeting, 1-4 pm
Presentation:  Dr Barbara Dyble and Valentus Clinic CEO Stephen Davis 

January 24-25:  Victoria Lyme Group Info Table at the Victoria Health Show
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February 6-7:
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May 8-9:  International Lyme Disease Conference (ILADS) in Augsberg, Germany.