Sunday, January 4, 2015

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Borrelia burgdorferi: Cell Biology and Clinical Manifestations in Latent Chronic Lyme  (Scientific Research)
and here's an article about this study:  Envita Publishes Important Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment Study (Market Wired)

Borrelia burgdorferi
 Promotes the Establishment of Babesia microti in the Northeastern United States
 (PLOS One)
and a more readable news article about this study:
Lyme Disease Enhances Spread of Emerging Tick Infection  (Yale News)

Culture and Identification of Borrelia Spirochetes in Human Vaginal and Seminal Secretions 
 (F1000 Research)

Detection of Human Pathogenic Ehrlichia muris-like agent in 
Peromyscus leucopus  (white-footed mouse) (Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases)

Diagnosis not to be Missed:  Lyme Carditis, Rare but Reversible Cause of Complete Atrioventricular Block  (Indian Heart Journal)

Lyme Disease:  Diagnostic Issues and Controversies (Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics)

Prevalence of Rickettsiales in Ticks Removed from the Skin of Outdoor Workers in North Carolina  (Parasites and Vectors)

Sodium Chloride Drives Autoimmune Disease by the Induction of Pathogenic TH17 Cells  (Nature)
and here's a more readable article about this study:
Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods and Autoimmune Disease (Healthy Holistic Living)

The First Case of Locally Acquired Tick-Borne Babesia microti Infection in Canada
  (Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology)


Bill C-442 Leave Lyme Sufferers Hopeful for Change
 (Cochrane Eagle)
Bill C-442 Opens Talks on Lyme Disease (Inside Bellville)

These guidelines are currently being revised:
The Laboratory Diagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis:  Guidelines from the Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network

Thinking Critically - Ticked Off about Flawed Lyme Disease Bill 
(Yorkton This Week)

VIDEO:  Dr Phil Talks about Why Persistent Lyme Disease is Going Undiagnosed


Geraghtys:  Doctors Pushed ALS Diagnosis, Ignored Lyme  
(The Valley Breeze)

Lyme Disease Debate Leaves Stricken Family without Answers
 (The Star)
(see the December 18 article under Lyme Politics)

The Extra Burdens Faced by Young People with Chronic Illness (Psychology Today)

AUDIO:  Dr Dietrich Klinghardt (Essential Medcast)

NEW BOOKS:  Create a Toxic-Free Body and Home Starting Today
 (W. Lee Cowden and Connie Strasheim)

VIDEO:  Tremor Treatment (Dr Marty Ross)

WEBINAR:  Conversations with Marty Ross, MD

*Please note that the Victoria Group's January meeting date has changed due to the Victoria Health Show.

January 18:  Victoria Lyme Support Group Meeting, 1-4 pm
Presentation:  Dr Barbara Dyble and Valentus Clinic CEO Stephen Davis 

January 24-25:
  Victoria Health Show (Victoria Lyme Group will have an info table!) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday
Pearke's Arena (behind Tillicum Mall)

February 6-7:
  The Fundamentals of Diagnosing and Treating Tick-Borne Illness (ILADS course for physicians in Banff, Alberta)
Note:  CanLyme is offering grants for first time attending physicians to attend this ILADS course.   Contact Jim Wilson:
May 8-9:  International Lyme Disease Conference (ILADS) in Augsberg, Germany.