Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recent Lyme News, Research, Politics, Stories, and Resources

Highlights in this issue include a new journal article by Middleveen, Sapi, et al on Morgellon's, and a link for kids with Lyme - Help Fill a Dream, in the Resources section.  

A Rare Case of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) from Human Anaplasmosis  (Respiratory Care)

Bartonella spp. Bacteremia in Blood Donors in Campinas, Brazil  (PLOS One)

Borreliacidal Acitivity of Borrelia Metal Transporter A (BmtA) Binding Small Molecules by Manganese Transport Inhibition 
(Dove Press)
and here's an article about this study:  Can Claritan Help Cure Lyme Disease?  (

Case Report:  Bilateral Diaphragmatic Dysfunction due to Borrelia burgdorferi 
(F1000 Research)

Exploring the Association between Morgellons Disease and Lyme Disease:  Identifying Borrelia burgdorferi in Morgellons Disease Patients  
(Middleveen et al, BMC Dermatology)

Lyme Disease Costs up to $1.3 Billion per Year to Treat, Study Finds (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)

Memory Loss Associated with Alzheimer's Reversed for First Time (UCLA Newsroom)

Phone Accessory Tests for HIV and Syphillis in Minutes
  (Time Warner Cable News)

T2 Biosystems (and Canon) Plans to Develop a Faster Lyme Disease Test (Boston Business Journal)

Gibson Combats Lyme Disease on Federal Level (Hudson Valley News Network)

Greater Victoria Politicians Keep Eye on Oak Bay's Deer Cull
  (Victoria Times Colonist)

The FDA and Lyme Disease Testing - FDA is Listening, but does it Matter?  (

View Live Lyme Disease Spirochetes Allegedly Easily Seen in Blood Following Negative Official Testing  

AUDIO:  How Bartonella Infection affects Everyday Life  (Dr Ed Breitschwerdt)

For fun!  Advice for Cats and Dogs: Should You Sleep in Bed with your Human?  (Forbes Magazine)

Connecting with Other Teen Lyme-a-Beans  (

How do Ticks...Tick?  
(Smithsonian Science)

Lyme Disease Symptoms Can Mimic Bipolar Disorder  (

Lyme Recover
 (The Tick Slayer)

Moose Winter Tick Surveillance Program Needs Help  (East Kootenay News Online Weekly)

Reality Star Yolanda Foster Shines Spotlight on Chronic Neurologic Lyme Disease
 (Dr Daniel Cameron)

VIDEO:  Lyme Disease on French National TV - Feb 7, 2015

VIDEO:  TV Station's Special Report on Lyme in Southern Oregon

What's in Those Supplements?  
(The New York Times)

Yolanda Foster Bashing Doctor-Author Forgot to Research Lyme Disease, Part One
 (Invisibly Lyme Montana)


Armin Labs - see attached info sheet on EliSpot and CD57 tests and Armin Labs Test Order Form with 23% discounted prices for our support group members
Brain State Technologies - Licensed Offices in Canada

Health Genetic Centre  (Ontario Lab that uses DNA-based tests for TBDs)

Help Fill a Dream (If you have kids with Lyme, please check this out.  Besides helping fill a dream, one of our members reports that this organization helped her family with their rent)

Horowitz Lyme-MSIDS Symptoms Questionnaire
 (Can Get Better)

My Brain isn't Working....I Think.  What Can I Do?  
(Dr Marty Ross)

Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions (Shelley White)

The Successful Treatment Recipe for Chronic Lyme Disease
 (Dr Marty Ross)

WEBINAR:  Conversations with Marty Ross, MD
February 11, 2015

February 22:  Victoria Lyme Support Group Meeting - 1454 Hillside Avenue, 1-4 pm
Dr Patrick Callas, ND, will give a presentation at 1 pm on what's new from the ILADS physician training course; followed by our support meeting and group discussion.  

March 8:  Informal Meeting, Victoria Lyme Support Group, 1-3 pm 
Victoria Public Market (on the main floor of the old Bay store on Douglas near Fisgard)  Join us for coffee and conversation!

March 22:  Victoria Lyme Support Group Meeting - 1454 Hillside Avenue, 1-4 pm

April 10-11:  ILADS  "Tick-borne and other Chronic Infections, Research and Practice"  
Drexel University, Philadelphia PA

May 2015:  Lyme Ribbons 2015

May 8-9:  International Lyme Disease Conference (ILADS) in Augsberg, Germany.
October 15:  ILADS Fundamentals Course, Fort Lauderdale
October 16-18:  ILADS Annual Conference, Fort Lauderdale

October 17-18:  Neurovascular Connections - Vancouver 2015

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