Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ride for Lyme May 10 and 11

We are holding a free, public event  at CENTENNIAL SQUARE  on MAY 10th from 2-4 pm to support the efforts of RIDE FOR LYME.   

Two amazing young men, Daniel Corso and Tanner Cookson, will embark on an 8000 km bicycle trip across Canada on May 11th to raise awareness about Lyme disease and funds for the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation's (CanLyme) research and awareness projects.  

Speakers to include:  Daniel Corso, Tanner Cookson, David Cubberley (a Director of CanLyme), Gwen Barlee (Lyme disease advocate), Carole James (MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill), and Lana Popham (MLA for South Saanich).  

There will be lots of FREE information from CanLyme.  RIDE FOR LYME t-shirts and wristbands, as well as CanLyme's Tick Kits, will be available for purchase (very handy to keep in your car or backpack).  

Come out and show your support for this very worthwhile endeavor!  Our event falls on Mother's Day, so bring your mothers or children along to hear and meet these inspirational speakers! 
Avid cyclists are welcome to join Daniel and Tanner on the first leg of  their trip from Mile '0' to Swartz Bay.  Meet up before 5:30 a.m. at Mile '0' on May 11th and wear something lime green, if you can.  Rules of the road apply and we ask all riders to be considerate of sleeping residents.  
If you have any questions about RIDE FOR LYME or our awareness event on May 10, please contact us at  

Check our our Facebook Event  Page, the Ride for Lyme website:  and a copy of our poster