Saturday, May 2, 2015

Recent Lyme News, Research, Politics, Stories, and Resources

Bartonella henselae Osteoarthritis of the Upper Cervical Spine of a 14-year-old Boy  (Science Direct)

Cannabidiol Paste Potential Cure for Lyme Disease
 (Chilliwack Progress)

Characterizations of the Bacterial Communities of Life Stages of Free Living Lone Star Ticks (Amblyomma americanum) (PLOS One)

Could a Non-prescription Antifungal Become a Major Advance for Multiple Sclerosis?   (Scientific American)

Increasing Evidence Points to Inflammation as Source of Nervous System Manifestations of Lyme Disease (Medical Xpress)

Inflammation in the Pathogenesis of Lyme Neuroborreliosis  
(American Journal of Pathology)

Researchers Discover Never-Before-Seen Tickborne Disease (Anaplasma capra
(Infection Control Today)
Researchers Map Neuroinflammation and Nervous System Manifestations of Lyme Disease (Health Innovations)

Squirrels 'Host Lyme Disease Bugs'
 (Selkirk Weekend Advertiser)

Testing for Deadly Virus in Ticks Expanded (Global News) Re: Powassan virus

The Anemic and Thrombocytopenic Febrile Neonate 
(Journal of Emergency Medicine)

The Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center Opens  
(Lyme Disease Research Foundation)

Chronic Lyme Disease:  A New Era of Ignorance (PontiacTribune)

Could Canada Cause Multiple Sclerosis?
 (MacLean's Magazine)

Despite Spread of Lyme Disease, Mass. Dedicates No Money to Prevention (NECIR)

Hopkins Physician Says Lyme Disease Patients Create Conspiracy Theories about Their Illnesses  

Join Us at Queen's Park on May 6th to Push the Minister of Health the Final Step Forward to Develop a Provincial Lyme Strategy (Ontario Lyme Alliance)

Lyme Advocates Call on IDSA to Focus on Patient Care Instead of Attacking Those in Distress  (WebWire)

Lyme Disease Diagnosis (Today Tonight) Australia

Lyme Disease Sufferers Ticked Off About Clinic that was Supposed to Help Them
 (The Province)

Lyme Disease:  The CDC's Greatest Coverup and What They Don't Want You to Know  (Collective Evolution)

Lyme Patient Advocates Denounce Intellectual Conflicts of Interest for Seven IDSA Guidelines Review Panelists

LYMEPOLICYWONK:  I Add My Thoughts to AEON Lyme Disease Discussion; You Can Too! 
(Pam Weintraub,

The IDSA Guidelines Survey Results:  Outcomes Important to Lyme Patients  (

The MayDay Project Asks the IDSA, "Why Won't You Follow the Institute of Medicine Rules?"  (WebWire)

WHO Calls for All Clinical Trials to be Published (All Trials)

Why do Doctors Keep Fighting About Lyme Disease?  (AEON)


Avril Lavigne 'Doing Well' Amidst Lyme Disease Fight (ABC News)

Doctors Change Treatment Recommendations for Lyme Disease
 (CBS Pittsburgh)

Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases (PBS Video) Dr Daniel Cameron's is interviewed, along with Congressman Chris Gibson and Professor Holly Ahern.

Lyme Disease Diagnosis Failure Costs Family 100,000 Pounds 

Lyme Disease is Wracking New England . Why Isn't More Being Done?  (Huffington Post)

Lyme Sucks Challenge Continues:  CanLyme Founder's Brother and Daughter Make Their Challenges

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month - Watch Out for Those Picnic Tables  (

Press Release:  Cross Canada Bike Ride for Lyme Disease  

Reactions and Recovery:  Update on Lyme Treatments (Adventures in Healing)

Shaw TV's 'Go Okanagan' Looks at Lyme Disease and Patients' Stories as They Prepare for the Lyme Sucks Challenge 

Targeting Lyme Disease
 (The Costco Connection) - see page 43

The Doctor is Out:  LabCorp to let Consumers Order Own Tests  (Bloomberg News)

The Tick-borne Disease Equation with Dr Rick Ostfeld of Cary Institute  (A Way to Garden)

TOUCHED BY LYME:  Known Tick Bite, No Symptoms (

TOUCHED BY LYME:  "Two Steps Forward and One Step Back is Progress"

TOUCHED BY LYME:  Young Songwriter "won't give up" on Mom with Lyme


23 Ways  to Get Rid  of Inflammation and Joint Pain (Healthy Holistic Living)

Chlorella:  A Natural Alternative to Cholestyramine
 (Public Health Alert)

Four Reasons a Lyme Test Will Come Back Negative Even if a Person Truly has Lyme Disease  
(Tired of Lyme)

How to Deal with the Fact that Everyone Else Gets to Have a Life (Circling into Center)

Limbic System:  Breaking the Pattern (Dr Jonathon Streit, Hansa Center)

New IV Light Therapy Treatment by Dr Alison Kerns

Understanding Lyme Disease with Chinese Medicine, Jade Mountain Wellness (Brendan Kelly)

Where Does Paleo Eating Fit for Those with ALS
  (Healing With Dr Craig) (also discusses ketogenic diet)

WEBINAR:  Conversations with Marty Ross, MD
April 22, 2015


May 8-9:  International Lyme Disease Conference (ILADS) in Augsberg, Germany.
May 9:  Southern Tier Lyme Support; Lyme Disease Conference 2015

May 10:  Ride for Lyme awareness and fundraising event at Centennial Square, next to City Hall, 2-4 pm. 
 Speakers to include Daniel Corso and Tanner Cookson, David Cubberley, Gwen Barlee, Lana Popham, Carole James, and Jo-Ann Roberts (for Elizabeth May).  You won't want to miss this!  

May 11:  Ride for Lyme  Starts at sunrise (5:30 a.m.) at Mile "0" (Douglas Street and Dallas Road)  Avid cyclists welcome to join in!  

May 13:  Merchants of Doubt 7 pm at the UVic Cinecenta Theatre

May 24:  Victoria Lyme Disease Awareness & Support Group Meeting:  near Hillside Mall  1-4 p.m.  Contact for directions

October 15:  ILADS Fundamentals Course, Fort Lauderdale
October 16-18:  ILADS Annual Conference, Fort Lauderdale

October 17-18:  Neurovascular Connections - Vancouver 2015