Wednesday, March 27, 2019

iNVITATION: UVic Biology Dept Seminar on Lyme borreliosis March 29 3:30

Please join us for the next Biology departmental seminar on Friday Mar. 29 @ 3:30 pm, in MSB 150.

Dr. Maarten Voordouw, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology, University of Saskatchewan, will be speaking on: “Lyme borreliosis and the ecology of a multiple-strain tick-borne pathogen”

Maarten is a former UVic Biology grad student, completing his PhD in Brad Anholt's lab. His lab studies the ecology of ticks and tick-borne diseases. Here is a link to his web page:

Here are a few of his papers:
- Genne, D. et al. (2018): Competition between strains of Borrelia afzelii inside the rodent host and the tick vector. Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences B 285: 20181804.
- Cayol, C. et al. (2018): Borrelia afzelii alters reproductive success in a rodent host. Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences B 285: 20181056.

If you would like to meet with Maarten, please contact Steve Perlman -