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Recent Lyme News,Research, Politics, Stories, and Resources

Highlights from the past two weeks of Lyme news include New Records of the Lyme Bacterium in Ticks Collected from Songbirds in Central and Eastern Canada by John Scott and the Ride for Lyme media reports.  

Here's the roundup of recent Lyme news:


Association of Lyme Disease and Schizoaffective Disorder, Bi-Polar Type:  Is it Inflammation Mediated? (Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine)

Bartonella henselae Osteoarthritis of the Upper Cervical Spine of a 14-year-old Boy  (Science Direct)

Co-Infection of Blacklegged Ticks with Babesia microti and Borrelia burgdorferi is HIgher than Expected and Acquired from Small Mammal Hosts (PLOS One)

Hyperammonemic Encephalopathy Caused by Cartine Deficiency  (not new but I haven't come across this before) (Journal of General Internal Medicine)

Inflammation in the Pathogenesis of Lyme Borreliosis  (American Society for Investigative Pathology)
and here's an article by Dr Daniel Cameron about this study:
What Happens to Your Brain During Acute Lyme Neuroborreliosis?

Nanotrap Lyme Antigen Test  (Ceres Nanosciences)!nanotrap-lyme-test/c64d

New App for Tracking Lyme Disease Hotspots in the UK (Express)

New-Onset Panic, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, and Somatic Symptoms in a Patient with Lyme Disease  (Case Reports in Psychiatry)

New Records of the Lyme Bacterium in Ticks Collected from Songbirds in Central and Eastern Canada (John Scott, Journal of Acarology)

Objective Assessment of an Ionic Footbath (IonCleanse):  Testing Its Ability to Remove Potentially Toxic Elements from the Body  (Journal of Environmental and Public Health)

Polyphenolic Extract from Maple Syrup Potentiates Antibiotic Susceptibility and Reduces Biofilm Formation of Pathogenic Bacteria  (Applied and Environmental  Microbiology)

Recent-Onset Dilated Cardiomyopathy Associated with Borrelia burgdorferi Infection
(Herz Cardiovascular Diseases)

The Dormant Blood Microbiome in Chronic, Inflammatory Diseases  (FEMS Microbiology Reviews)


Activists Call for Provincial Lyme Disease Strategy (City News, Ontario)

Approaches to Treating Lyme Disease Differ (

Elizabeth May on CFAX

IDSA Ignores IOM Recommendations in Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines' Development, According to Lyme Disease Association and (PR News)

Liberals Lyme 'Action Plan' All Talk, No Action:  NDP MPP Mantha  (YouTube)

Lyme MD:  I Need Your Help

Lyme Disease Legislation (Elizabeth May, Vitality Magazine)

The Lyme Disease Debate:  Can the Condition be Chronic?  (Fox News) (interview of Dr Horowitz)


Ashley Olsen Diagnosed with Lyme Disease (OK)

Battle with Lyme Disease Changes Life for Winnipeg Girl (CBC News, MB)

Biologist Seeing 'More Ticks than We Have Any Other Year' (CBC News, NB)

Check Pets for Ticks:  Manitoba Dog Dies from Hundreds of Bites

Childhoods New Normal (Lyme Disease Challenge)

City of Victoria Proclamation:  May is "Lyme Disease Awareness Month"

Cyclists Riding Across Country to Raise Awareness of Lyme Disease  (Victoria News)

Dear Extraordinary and Brave Sprout (Ticks and Trust Blog)

Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease (Dr Ben Boucher, CBC News)

Experts:  New Tick-borne Illness has 10 Percent Mortality Rate, Causes Neurological Problems  (Toledo News Now)

Experts Worry Tick Population has Increased After Harsh Winter in the Maritimes (Global News)

Four Decades of Wondering `Is it Lyme?'  (Boston Globe)

Grandpa's Run 4 Lyme Disease (YouTube)

'I Want People to Know About Lyme Disease' (Niagara This Week)

Lyme Awareness Grows as Manitoba Government Warns of Tick Risk  (Global TV)

Lyme Disease, aka The Imposter  (Healing Grapevine)

Lyme Disease Deer Ticks May Not Be the Only Ones We Have to Worry About  (CBC NS)

Lyme Disease Cases on the Rise in Manitoba  (CTV News Winnipeg)

Lyme Disease:  How One Small Bite Can Change a Life (Vancouver Sun)

Lyme Disease Prevention Advocate  (CTV News, Atlantic)

Lyme Disease Season is Here, Province Warns to be on Alert (CBC News, Manitoba)

"Lyme Sucks!" for Sufferers in Maple Ridge, Across Canada (Maple Ridge Times)

Monteregie at Epicentre of Uptick in Lyme Disease in Quebec (Montreal Gazette)

Mother, Daughters, Deal with Chronic Disease (The Sentinel)

Residents Voice Need for Lyme Knowledge (The Pictou Advocate)

Ride for Lyme (Global TV, Okanagan)

Ride for Lyme - FaceBook Page

Ride for Lyme Daily Dedication Blog!blog/c48j

Ride for Lyme Kicks Off Across Canada in Victoria  (CHEK News, Victoria)

Ride for Lyme - Livetrack (see where they are now)!livetrack/cjd9

Ride for Lyme - The Journey Begins (May 11 2015 at Mile '0' in Victoria)  (Photography by Sue Ferguson, Outer Limits Digital Photography)

Ride for Lyme - Watch News, YouTube,and View Photos Here:

Tick and Lyme Disease Conference (Moncton) (Global News)

Time Starts Ticking on Lyme Disease Season (|+Brockville+Recorder#.VU0WuTKipjA.facebook

Tick Threat in Winnipeg on the Rise (Global TV)

Woman Battling Lyme Disease is Mounting Awareness  (


21 Anti-Histamine Foods that Fight Inflammation and Stabilise Mast Cells

BOOK:  Wired for Healing (Annie Hopper)

Bug Off!  Consumer Reports Reveals Best Insect Repellents (Today)

Cedar Oil the Best Natural Tick Repellent (Organic Daily Post)

Developing a Post-Trauma Identity - Who Am I Now? (Psych Central)

Eliminating Ammonia Toxicity in Lyme  (Dr David Jernigan, Hansa Center)

Four Steps to Prevent Tick Disease in Dogs  (Chicago Now)

Free Courses:  Disability Alliance BC

Holistic Lyme Disease Treatment (Rodale News)

How to Properly Remove a Tick (University of Manitoba)

MTHFR Genetic Defect - What it is and How it can Affect You  (Stop the Thyroid Madness)

Pregnancy & Children (Lyme Disease Challenge)

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your T Helper Cells (It's Not Just Lyme)


May 24:  Victoria Lyme Disease Awareness & Support Group Meeting:  near Hillside Mall contact for more info, 1-3 p.m.

June 7:  Lyme Disease Awareness Event at Parksville Conference Centre, 1 pm

October 15:  ILADS Fundamentals Course, Fort Lauderdale
October 16-18:  ILADS Annual Conference, Fort Lauderdale

October 17-18:  Neurovascular Connections - Vancouver 2015

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